Cutting-edge standard and customized pre-functional test solutions

i-Test provides cutting-edge standard and customized pre-functional test solutions (ICT 3070). We offer products, core services and professional services that are adapted to our clients’ requirement.

Knowledge of our customer’s products, expertise and experience of our engineering team are the keys of a sustainable growth leading to position I-TEST as a Global Provider of Engineering Services and Solutions.

I-TEST Mission is to meet Customer’s requirements and satisfaction through innovative and robust Solutions and Processes. With a highly experienced team of Test Engineers, i-Test provides fast delivery at a competitive price, on a global scale, and with high quality.


Founded in 2008, i-Test is a dynamic and fast growing company. Our engineers each have more than 15 years of experience in pre functional and functional fields. We offer our services all around the world, being fluent in several languages such as English, French, Spanish and Portugues.


Perfectly mastering the technologies involved today in the world of electronic circuit board manufacturing, we are able to judiciously advise you on the right strategies to adopt in order to meet your requirements.


Innovative solutions and processes
  • 1. i-clock

    A little module that enables an ICT system to test clocks up to 800 Mhz, both single-ended and differential. The i-Clock divides the input signal to bring it down in the ICT range. The output signal is then measured by the tester.

  • 2. i-Certify

    Certification guaranteeing that your test solutions meet i-Test’s quality standards. This certification also applies to projects developed by suppliers other than i-Test.

  • 3. i-Consult

    Consultation to guide you in defining your test solutions. Optimize your test strategies so that they are beneficial and fully adapted to your company’s needs. Work with our experts to reduce development costs and time.

  • 4. i-Train

    Trainings adapted to your company’s needs. For production’s support, or for more elaborated technical skills, these trainings can help your team to grow technical expertise.

  • 5. i-Support

    Software Support package. Support is done on-site, by phone or remotely, connecting to your system via internet.


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